Animal Puzzles

The Animal Puzzles are used to teach the different parts of animals to preschoolers. Each unlabelled part is unmounted from the board and the puzzle is then arranged by children at this level. Real animal objects are also presented with each animal puzzle. This is makes the lesson more concrete and real to the child, such that whenver a child sees an animal he has an idea of its parts.

There are 5 sets of this animal puzzle set. They are beutifully colored and help in senticing preschoolers fine motor skills.

These same sets of puzzles can be introduced to Lower Elementary children but as Classes of Animals (Mammals, aves, amphibians etc). Children learn their names before reading them on a label.These unlabelled puzzles are used with control cards with labelled and unlabelled part of each animal. Children are then presented with worksheets on these puzzles. Worksheets are available for these puzzles. Children love these puzzle set! and they are designed for your montessori zoology curriculum.