The multiplication board is divided into rows and columns of 10 each. Each column is numbered 1 – 10.There is a slot on the left side of the board for insertion of number tiles (multiplicand).

Other materials sold with the Montessori Multiplication Set are;

  • 100 red acrylic beads
  • A red disc (this is placed on the multiplier 1.e. on any of column numbered 1 -10)
  • Tiles numbered 1 – 10

The child prior to this presentation should be familiar with sequential maths addition and subtraction. You can start this lesson with any of the time table e.g. 4 x 1. ‘4’ is the multiplicand while ‘1’ is the multiplier. Insert ‘4’ in the slot and place the disc on ‘1’. Count 4 beads on column 1. Continue this process till 4 x 10.


  • The child understand the process of multiplication and not just the end product.
  • The child can later say answers by rote because he understand and knows process of multiplication.

This exercise is for children 5 years and above but guess what I tried with 4 years 6 months and 4 years 10 months old kids and they did beautifully well!